add an encyclopedia tab in infoview

add customized factions

move equipment code from lua to C++,
make installed equipment into attributes of the ship class

		instead of ship definitions giving "effective_exhaust_velocity",
DONE		provide desired deltav and computer calculates effective_exhaust_velocity from that
		LuaPlayer::static int l_get_remaining_delta_v(lua_State *l) <<-formula

make ship hitpoints not based off of its mass
allow diversity in shield attributes such as recharge rate, capacity
add equipment "armor plating" to affect hull hitpoints

equipment market
--> display equipment in groups, select between different groups with buttons

complete explorer club
--> system data evaluation code

--> ferrying colonists from some hub out to the rim
--> gathering radioactives for science experiment/terraforming project
--> freeing slaves for reputation
--> medical emergency/releif aid/...
--> battle weapons for civil war? unethical/shady
--> asteroid mining rare find - strange crystal structures 1/1000 find

your own planet
--> register a claim at the right location, pay the price: $1 million?
--> establish a colony by shipping masses of equipment and personell
--> establish bylaws for accepting settlers?

diverse passenger equipment and services
--> economy class, business class, first class
--> dormitory, single, twin, family, suite
--> have passenger cabins attribute "occupants" 0 = unoccupied, 1+ = number of occupants

use supershape for faction expansion
var deltaX = x2 - x1;
var deltaY = y2 - y1;
var rad = Math.atan2(deltaY, deltaX); // In radians